Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trip to Quarry and Native Bird Recovery Centre

Term 3 - 21st September 2010
We had an action packed day out, and ventured to both The Quarry and the Native Bird Recovery Centre. The clay class gave all children an opportunity to have a hands on experience of touching and working with clay, to see inside a kiln, and have their own creations fired. Along with viewing the gardens, the tranquil environment, the interesting buildings and variety of impressive clay sculptures.
We then went to the Bird Recovery Centre to observe birds and wildlife, and visit the injured birds that are being cared for there as they are now unable to survive in the wild. We were presented with a lot of information about birds and animals, incuding the albatross and the kiwi. Also some of the threats to our wildlife, such as traps and other animals. What an exciting and eventful day!


grandma and grandad whittam said...

I am Ellinors Grandma and I live in England, it is lovely for me to be able to see Ellinor playing with the other children and making things.

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Hi Grandma and Grandad Whittam. It is great that you have logged onto our blog and making connections with Ellinor from such a distance. We will share your comments with Ellinor and post her reply.
Thank you for taking the step to leave a comment for her. The comments are emailed to us (her teachers) before being published on the blog, so sometimes it takes 24hrs before you will see them on the blog. Angela told us you were trying - so great to see you succeeded.
Kia Ora
Beverly and the teachers of Manaia

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are such lucky children to experience such wonderful things and have the opportunity to show how creative you all are.