Thursday, September 16, 2010

A talented Musician

Today at Manaia Kindergarten, with the support of our fantastic musical itinerant teacher, Gill, we discovered a STAR in our midst. What awesome skills Shyla has developed as a result of watching her sister at Ukulele lessons. There is a lot of inbuilt talent here.

Shyla, your singing at Mat times has been admired, and today you were able to put into practice your awesome skills and knowledge - strumming guitar, using your knowledge of chords and playing the G chord, and singing wonderful tunes - all at the same time!!

Watch this star in action!!!


Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

Wow Shyla, you certainly do rock. What a talented musician you are. I really enjoyed listening to your jamming session. Look forward to hear hearing more of your music in the future.


Anonymous said...

WOW Shyla, that bought tears to my eyes - You are such a star and a very talented musician! Most impressed with the confidence in your voice and the skills in your guitar playing:-) I bet Mum and Dad are very proud of you! I am so glad that this has been put on the blog to share with the world!
Ka Kite

devinegal said...

Shyla you are an amazing musician! I loved watching you playing guitar and singing. You have a great strum and sense of rhythm. Fantastic music skills, I hope I get to see more of your great talent.
Love Dee

Anonymous said...

What an amazing performance from Shyla, we will have to start you learning to play the ukulele, what fun we will have.

Love mum & dad

Anonymous said...

You are really good at playing and singing with the guitar, you will have to show Ellinor all your skills.

Love Angela

Anonymous said...

How cool are you Shyla, so glad your mummy told me about the Blog so we can see how very talented you are! What a star - keep rocking gorgeous girl!

Love Nick, Mandy, Leteisha, Breanna and Matty xxxxxooooo