Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring Begins - Daffodils bloom all around!

First day of Spring and what an absolutely gorgeous day to start this new season off. Tamati presented us with the most beautiful bunch of daffodils that his Nana grew. What a fantastic opportunity to take the time to appreciate their beauty, observe their shape and form, be creative and draw and paint them. Many children were drawn to partake in this experience and have created their own interpretations of the daffodil flowers. What wonderful artists we have at Manaia Kindergarten. Thank you Tamati and your whanau for bringing us this special gift.



Anonymous said...

What wonderful Spring pictures you all painted. So lovely and bright snd colourful. Well done.

Karen, William's Mum.

Tarnz said...

What incredible artists at Manaia Kindergarten. I can see in the photos how hard you are concentrating. I can also see you looking very carefully at the daffodils to work out how you can paint them. We are so lucky that spring is coming and the daffodils are growing.

Oriana Mincham said...

What a lovely way to start Spring great a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

Wow, your paintings are beautiful. We are really glad you liked the Daffodils. Tamati was very proud to bring them to Kindergarten that day. Very pleased that his Nana was visiting and bought us some from her house, Tamati wanted to bring a few, so I'm really glad he shared them with you all. Yes its a great way to start Spring and it was such a beautiful day as well. Thank you for sharing this story with everyone Manaia Kindergarten, keep up the great work.