Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For Dee in Jakarta - From Ella

Dee the children have been enjoying skyping you. We love hearing about your adventures in Jakarta. There are a few blog posts that will be put up over the next couple of weeks just for you. We hope you enjoy. Ella J brought these pictures in for you today. I will add her words tomorrow to this blog post.
"I just decided something that I might have wanted to do - at home I wanted to draw another picture for Dee. Maybe Dee can put them on the wall. AAAAaaannd I just thought of sometime I might draw at home. I might like to draw more pictures for Dee." - Ella


Tarnz said...

WOW Ella, you are an incredibly talented artist. I bet Dee will love seeing your pictures. How amazing that you can draw pictures for Dee and she can see them all the way over in Jakarta. Dee will even be able to print your pictures out and put them on the wall in her house in Jakarta! I wonder if she will show the children in her class your amazing art work. You obviously have great persistence and concentration when you are working at your art.

devinegal said...

I would love to put your pictures on my wall Ella! I love that you are so thoughtful to think of me, thank you so much for your lovely work. I am going to print your picture next week when I am back in my class, and I will show the children what great work you do.
Love dee.