Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Flower for Dee

"It's for Dee a pink flower. There's all the petals and there's the green bits. The green bits were the inside petals. That part is the dirt and the stalk. I'm deciding to put it on the office computer instead. Cos Beverly had my other two pictures on there. I need a camera to take a photo of it so I can do it. We don't want the string (hand strap) in the photo otherwise Dee will think it's a picture of string!"
Ella you pay such attention to detail and have not only created a beautiful flower from our orchid display but have also mastered taking a photo so that you have a record of your work. As well you have developed the understanding that these can be shared with others via the computer, which has sparked your curiosity and has become an interest that is growing each day!

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devinegal said...

Wow Ella another fantastic picture. You are a super hero artist, You look at things very clearly and you create them as you see them, that is a very super hero type talent. I love that we can communicate through the blog, can you say hi to all of the children and teachers for me? I miss you all and love seeing what you are up to on the blog. Love Dee.
PS How is the baby inside your mummy doing?