Monday, September 6, 2010

Finger Puppets

At Manaia Kindergarten we always appreciate our relievers. Eleanor is a regular - helping out the teachers when we are sick or unable to be at Kindergarten. Today Eleanor was with us once again. Eleanor had already created prototype finger puppets out of felt that had been kindly donated to Kindergarten some months ago. She worked with the children developing charactors for the puppets. What awesome creativity. Children were patient and persistent when they began to create. Have a look at the many different charactors created by Manaia Kindergarten children. We hope that sometime soon we will be able to put on a puppet play with our new puppet friends. Puppets continue to be a huge interest at Manaia Kindergarten and we will endeavour to show you more of the puppetry skills the children are developing.
William developed his own puppet design, creating a hand puppet out of paper. He worked with the other resources available adapting them to the larger model. Always thinking outside the square. Go William!!


Jo said...

It is so cool to see all the fun things you do at Manaia. I know Ella (J) just loves it there and every time I talk to her on the phone she wants to tell me about what she did that day. I look forward to hearing whether the children put on a finger puppet show!
Jo (Ella's aunty)

Anonymous said...

What awesome puppets everyone - I wonder if anyone would notice if I did puppet making tomorrow instead of my work in the office!!
We are so lucky to have the wonderful Eleanor as a reliever.