Monday, September 13, 2010

Ella's picture for Dee

Dear Dee, This is another picture for you. This is a picture with Reindeer footprints, cause I saw some Reindeer. The Bear and the Elephant just walked on my paper!! And the Bear walked on my paper too.
What are you doing Dee? I want you to show me something you like doing at Kindergarten and then I will show you what I like doing at Kindergarten. I want to show you something that I want to be a superhero when I grow up - a super hero that can fly and that can rescue people. Thats what I really want to be. I might do another bit of art for you today." Love from Ella J. PS - I took the photo too.

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devinegal said...

Hi Ella J Thanks for your great pictures, I love the animal footprints and the superhelo you made, you are very good at drawing. Hmm you wanted to know about me so... today I have not been well so I am having a rest at home in my apartment. I will send you some photos of me at work with the children. I did go to an amazing lego exhibition so I can send you those photos too! I will eamil them to Beverly and she can show them to you! Have a great day Ella J xx