Friday, September 10, 2010

Constructing Dee's appartment

An amazing construction has been created in the block corner over the past 2 days.
William you and Dominik began the construction on Wednesday and on Thursday Maxwell, Tai and Zane worked with you as you continued to create Dee's appartment.
You chose to use a variety of different equipment to use on Dee's appartment including dancing ribbons, animals, insects, dinosaurs, cars and trucks. At the bottom of the appartment was an under water cave you told me about William where you and Dominik had carefully placed starfish, shells and kina.
The appartment took up alot of space and there were other things on the mat too, I was impressed to see the spacial awareness knowledge and non-verbal communication skills you used to ensure you were able to move past each other and over and around this huge impressive appartment.
Dee has showed us around her school and appartment in Jakarta, Indonesia when we have skyped her. She certainly lives in a very flash apartment, but I bet she would love to live in an apartment like the one you boys chose to design and build at Kindergarten for her.
Well done, what a great team of tallented designers and builders you are. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the next construction you choose to create.

William said: It's Dee's appartment, it's got a water bit for sea snails, fish and sea animals. It's 20 metres. Zane and Maxwell and Dominik helped me, and it has massive towers, and Jo (Holehan) knocked it over a bit. This bit (pointing to the far end) stops people going that way. It's a zoo as well. It has lots of slopes and shells in the moat. It's from my imagination.

Zane said: That's me, that's for Dee and she will very like it and she will very look at it and think it is very good.

Dominik said: We put the starfish and the shells and then we put the building on for Dee.

Maxwell said: Do you know that's me cos that's my tee-shirt. That's zane and that's me. Guess what, look I have the same trousers what I had last time.

Tai said: That's me the other day I think but I remember it. I put some animals on it and then I put some blocks on it.


devinegal said...

Wow what a stunning apartment you have made for me and how great you are for developing the project together, I wonder what you put inside my apartment?
Sadly I can't read the text as the grey on white and maybe the size of the font are not big enough or dark enough. Beverly could you send it to me as PDF and I would love to share your work with the children here.Miss you lovely Manaia children, keep up the great work! Love Dee

devinegal said...

What a great imagination you have William, ZI am so impressed that you can imagine something and then create it -fantastic,I would love that apartment with the sea world and the animal zoo. Dominic I love your work and thanks for making me a sea world, I love the sea, so that felt special.Thanks Zane,Maxwell and Tai for helping to make my apartment it looks fabulous What great work you are all doing.

Anonymous said...

Most impressed with your architectual skills! What a great design and obviously great builders too. Incredible imagination in your design for Dee's apartment. I imagine it must have been great team work too. Very impressed!