Saturday, September 18, 2010

50,000 on the Blog

Wow - with so many children engaged in the blog, sharing their experiences and skills, we have gained many views on the blog. Many of our friends around the world are watching and learning from our talented children and leaving comments of encouragement and prompting further learning. Now we have reached 50,000 visitors on our visitors counter.
50,000 people globally have visited the Manaia Kindergarten Blog.
What an emense amount of collaborative learning is taking place with the use of technology.

Thank you to our viewers and collaborators. Keep visiting, keep learning, keep sharing. Thank you to the children and families who have contributed so much towards the kindergarten program and being so open to share their talents.

Party on Friday! Come back and visit to see a record of the real life party posted on the blog.


devinegal said...

Congratulations Manaia Kindergarten, I am very grateful for your blog,It is great for me to keep in touch with you all and thanks for keeping me in the loop. I will pretend party with you!!
Love Dee

Tarnz said...

Look forward to coming out for a flying visit on Friday to celebrate! WOW - what a journey it has been:-) I can remember how excited we were and the party for when we reached 1000 visitors, now 50,000! What an achievement. Manaia Kindergarten has certainly made itself well known globally!

Janine and Hannah said...

Fantastic news Bev, thank you for leading the way in blogging for so many other early childhood colleagues. I bumped into a primary teacher in Napier who was just blown away by your keynote exemplar of Manaia's blog and what was possible with young children... that was a year on and he was still buzzing about it. What would be some highlights of the global conversations you have had?...this post left me wondering lol I am pleased you are celebrating, its really important for us to do this in early childhood in these times.
Well done Manaia team and Tarnz, Arohanui, Janine