Monday, July 26, 2010

Ayla's Holiday Story

We have been sharing our stories about our holidays. Ayla brought some photos into Kindergarten and today taught our new teacher Robyn how to make a Manaia Kindergarten movie using PhotoStory3. What a great teacher you were Ayla! Check out Ayla's story about her holidays and come back for more as other children bring in their photos to share their holiday stories with you. Please leave comments, questions, or words of encouragement for our children who love to share their stories with their extended families and the world.

Ayla teaching Robyn how to use PhotoStory3 - what concentration from them both.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ayla, another cool movie! You are very clever movie maker. The snow was heaps of fun wasn't it. You did very well on your skiis.
Well done Ayla,
Love Ollie, Mum and Dad

hikurangi said...

We are learning to use Photostory 3 with our children at Hikurangi Educare (with Tania's help!) The children love it (and are fantastic at creating their stories!). Emma

Regent said...

This is awesome! Ka Pai Ayla. I cant wait to get the children I work with creating their own photo stories.
It looks like you had a great time at the snow.
Regent Educare