Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pyjama Party

What started as a tumultuous stormy day turned into a fabulous evening! It was wonderful to combine our astronony and star gazing experience with our masterchef culinary delights - sausages! A really sucessful event which was supported amazingly well by the children and families. Great to see most of us got into the spirit of the night and wore our pyjamas! Much fun and excitement followed playing games, having stories, showing families around the Kindergarten, and eating all the delicious food! Getting spectacular views of the moon through the telescope topped off the night. Thanks to all the families who were involved and assisted in making this such a success.
Check out the movie.


hikurangi said...

What an awesome idea, PJ party. It fantastic to see family's enjoying time together and having lots of fun.

Nanny said...

We are enjoyed watching your Starry Starry Night video. Wish we could have been there it all looked so interesting. Especially nice for us to see William and his Mum Karen.

Love. Nanny and Poppa (UK)