Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flynn's Great White Shark

What a spectacular shark! Made by a spectacular artist!

Flynn you continue to impress me with your ideas, plans, and how you have the determination, patience and persistance to carry out the tasks that you set yourself. You are a goal setter and a goal winner, who completes your work until you are really happy with it and have a sense of personal satisfaction. To be able to evaluate and assess your own work is a very important inner stength that you have. Making this gigantic great white shark involved many processes and skills including planning, gathering materials, drawing it, going over the outline, cutting it out, choosing colours and painting it. You needed a break in between but you came back to finish it off and it is AWESOME!

I loved the way that you used your imagination and thought of a way to hang the shark in your bedroom making it look like it had been really caught. You said...

"I'm gonna put my boat on the roof and bend my fishing rod, and put a hole in the roof, and put the line down, and then it will be like - oooh I caught a SHARK!"

Flynn's shark interest and fascination is continually expressed through a variety of creative media. A year ago Flynn drew an amazing shark and ocean picture telling the story of his family fishing experiences with his Dad and Grand Dad, which was posted on the blog. Look at the growth in the amount of detail and effort he has put into this Great White Shark creation!


Anonymous said...

Flynn, I was so sad to miss your presentation at mat time yesterday .... but what an amazing shark you have made .... and Rochelle has done a beautiful story about your work so I almost feel I was there. I think we will have to get you a bigger bedroom with all your dragons and sharks that live with you there.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

William and I were checking out the site when we saw your cool shark. I asked William if he saw it, then we noticed it was yesterday, and William had been off sick, so had missed it. What great work!

Karen Langdon.

Anonymous said...

I am incredibly impressed with your work Flynn. You have always been so good at setting yourself goals and working hard on projects. Your gigantic great white shark is fantastic! Have you hung it up in your room yet? How do you think you would feel if you really caught a great white shark when you were fishing? I think I would be really scared!

Smiths City Childcare Centre said...

Hey Flynn

Tania was showing me how to use blogspot yesterday. She showed me your kindy's website and the blog about your shark was on there. It is great to see that you are still very interested in sharks and fishes like you were when you came to Smiths City Childcare. It broughts back some cool memories of you and your frined Joel sharing all you fishing tales. Keep up the great work Flynn.

From Erica

hikurangi said...

That sure is a great white shark. Your kindergarten have shared some great learning experiences on the blog. I love the way you allow the child's ideas to show through in their work and the support that you give them to allow the artisit to shine.

Regent said...

wow flynn your shark is fantastic! it looks like you have put alot of effort into making it ka pai to mahi!
i am a teacher at regent educare and we also love fish and have given me some ideas to show to our children, as we are wanting to create our own fish to catch with our handmade fishing rods.thankyou for your inspiration flynn you should be very proud of your hard work.
shay from regent educare.