Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flynn inspires Williams work.

I love this piece of work William, you told me that you had seen Flynn's shark on the Blog and that it inspired you to create "Faline the Deer". You said..."It's just a reindeer Dee!"
Well I think it is a fantastic reindeer. You've used a large piece of cardboard, that must have been quite difficult to cut, and painted it really well. I love the way you got inspired by Flynn's idea and followed through with perseverance to make your own work using your own original idea! It is magic to me when children learn from each other.


Anonymous said...

Flynn and I have just looked on the blog. I think Faline the Deer is amazing. You all have such great ideas and so clever the way you can turn your ideas into beautiful creations. Well Done!!!
Flynn's Mum

Vasanthi said...

I love your blog and wiki. I am a Kindergarten Teacher at Shelburne Community School in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. We are on summer vacation right now. I have a blog for my students and families, too. However I am looking to collaborate with other Kindergarten teachers and students around the world. I will continue to check out your blog!

Louise Kempshall said...

It makes me so proud to see you take after your godmum when it comes to inspiration! Faline as opposed to Bambi! Rock on William! Disney rules! Lots of love Auntie Lou xxxx

Avenues Educare said...

Great work William. We are still learning about blogging and are looking at your great blog post.

Nanny said...

What a wonderful Faline the Deer, William - you must have worked very hard to produce such a great piece of work. We also loved the painting you did and the cutting out. Well done.
Lots of love and Kisses from Nanny and Poppa. XXXX

Nanny said...

What a wonderful piece of work William. We loved it and think you are showing great talent for art work.

Lots of love from Nanny and Poppa (UK)XXXXX

Usha said...

William I really love your artwork and the way you have used your imagination to create your own piece of artwork.

Bayfield Early Education Centre