Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Salon revisited

Ayla brought is some bright yellow nail polish today and everyone wanted to decorate their fingernails. Luckily we found more nail polish at Kindergarten and we could explore different colours. It was tricky painting our own nails - you had to have a very steady hand, and wipe the brush on the side of the bottle so the nail polish didn't pool on your nail. THEN we found the hair spray and gel. What fun we had with that. The single bottle at Kindergarten didn't go far, so THANKS to FourSquare for having more bright orange and yellow hair spray in stock. Mohawks were the order of the day - it didn't matter how long your hair was. We explored colours and designs to go with our nails. There was lots of laughter and practicing some of the skills we have seen some of our Mums try at home. Enjoy what looks like a very wacky day of nails and hair....

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