Monday, May 3, 2010

Releasing frogs - the farm on our road

Last week we read the story - The Frog Search by Julia Crouth. Our frogs stayed at Arla's house over the holidays and when we returned to Kindergarten, Arla and her family told us that the frogs were going to the bottom of the tank and sleeping. Just like Josie in the story, we decided to let the frogs go. It is coming on winter and the frogs need to hybernate, to sleep. But first we had to find a pond. Luckily Luca had a pond on his farm just across the road from Kindergarten. We had to walk across a few paddocks before we found the pond. Many parents wanted to help out and be part of the frog release. Check out the movie and discover what other animals we met at Luca's farm. Luca, Flynn and Wyatt tell the story.


Tania said...

WOW how lucky - what a great place to live if you are a frog! The frog will feel like it is living in a huge mansion after being in a tank:-) You will have to look out for tadpoles next year Luca!

Mike said...

It was great to have Kindy come and visit our farm and release the frog.
We will keep our eyes peeled for tadpoles next year!!!
We found it really interesting to hear Luca, Flynn and Wyatt talking about the animals. How lucky we are that we can look after so many different types of animal.
Great blog guys!
PS We don't kill them all!

Anonymous said...

A great time had by all on Luca's farm. It looked like heaps of fun and Leon loved it.

Steve, Tash and Leon