Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Sausages

On Thursady 20th May we made Sausages at Kindergarten. We have been doing a bit of cooking lately and Saoirse wants to be in the master chef competion! We talked about what was on the master chef programme and making sausages was one thing that Saoirse had seen. It just so happens that Saoirse's Grandfather makes sausages and he agreed to come and make some sausages with us - fantastic! Thankyou so much Ian for sharing sausage making with us .We had a great time mixing everything together and watching how the meat gets into the casing. We learned about what goes into sausages - onions, garlic, pork mince, lemongrass, salt and pepper. It was great fun and we learned a lot. I am really looking forward to trying our sausages out tonight.!


Barbara said...

I hope that you all enjoyed the sausages at the PJ party last night - it certainly looks like fun making them.


David said...

They look tasty. Have you tried one of those swiss onion cutting machines from mitre 10? You place the onion under it and press the top up and , no tears and nice fine onions.

Anonymous said...

Yummy. Those sausages were so tasty, I enjoyed eating them at the PJ party. There's definitely a bunch of masterchef's in the making at kindy!
Camille(Saoirse's mammy)