Friday, April 30, 2010

Learning Waiata

Dee and Rochelle attended a waiata workshop over the holidays and are teaching us new songs at Kindergarten. This one is cool - the batman song!! Dee and Rochelle demonstrated the song and a few of us stood up to give it a go. We sung it three times and eventually we were all joined in - what a cool song. If you want to teach your family this song the lyrics (words of the song) are listed below.

Kori kori to tinana
whati whati to hope
Batman, Batman

Kori kori to tinana
Whati whati to hope
Batman Batman

Peke Peke Matou
Peke Peke Maui
Huri Huri to tinana e

Hikoi whakamua
Hikoi whakamuri
Waewae takahia e

Kei runga
Kei raro



Tarnz said...

Great singing everyone:-) Isn't it great that we are always learning new things and sharing our learning with each other. I look forward to hearing you sing when I come to visit this week.
Ka Kite

Arvay said...

Ka mau te wehi - oh too much !
what an awesome waiata , great work kaiako , ka pai tou korua mahi - keep up all the good work and especially all those bat man moves