Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wacky Wednesday.

Flynn's suggestion of a Funny Friday or Wacky Wednesday at Manaia Kindergarten again was a brilliant idea for the end of term. What fun we had. Children came up with suggestions on Tuesday and by Wednesday our whole Kindergarten world was WACKY. See if you can find 10 things wacky at Wednesday at Manaia Kindergarten.

Dr Suess's book Wacky Wednesday is a favourite at Manaia Kindergarten. If you haven't already read it, check it out at Fishpond.

Thanks to KSOnline (an Aussie Kindergarten blog) for their comment which led us to their blog and


Avenues Educare said...

Hi everyone we are at a blooging workshop and it has been great to check out your blog - this music session looks like it was fun and we look forward to putting live music sessions on our blog! Thanks for sharing what you are up too.

Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarten friends,
We really liked your Wacky Wednesday pictures. Looks like you guys had a GREAT Wacky Wednesday! Maybe one day, we'll try it out too!

Mrs. Blakely's AM class

Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarten,
We really loved looking at your Wacky Wednesday video. Our favorite part was the wacky hair-dos. Where did you get those do's?
Thanks for sharing with us!

Mrs. Blakely's PM Class

Kiwana Bufton said...

My students' loved this book! This is a great book to read by Dr. Seuss!