Monday, March 29, 2010

Screen prints

We worked on screen printing last week. Often we use shapes but last week we tried drawing pictures to print. What great ideas you all came up with. You drew some very neat pictures and I helped with the cutting out so that we could capture the uniqueness of your art. Screen printing is great for teaching us all of the steps in a process.

1 We need to draw the picture
2 That picture is cut out
3 We place the cut out picture on some paper
4 We lower the screen
5 We put paint on the screen
6 We spread the paint with a squeegy so that it covers the whole screen
7 We lift the screen and watch the masterpiece emerge!

It is great for us to explore working with a process, learning the steps involved and enjoying the result of taking a bit more time to complete the work. I think that your screen prints are awesome!!


Anonymous said...

The kindy walls look so vibrant with your screenprints displayed on them - well done everyone.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful creations you have all done. I bet it was fun.
From Flynn's Mum, Sarah.

miss.communication said...

Your blog is fantastic kindergarten. I love your screenprints so much! I have added your great blog to our blog roll. Maybe you would like to see what we have been doing in our Australian Kindy class our blog URL is