Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Rocket takes off - with vinegar and baking soda

Thank you Flynn for sharing your rocket experiment with us. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD - or at least it almost went out of this world. We watched as the mixture of backing soda and vinegar bubbled and fizzed in the rocket's cylinders. It looked just like our volcanoes in the sandpit. But this time the mixture was contained in the rocket and had no where to flow out. The pressure built and built until - PUFF Bang wizz. "Check it out for real" as the saying goes at Kindergarten. Watch the video and feel welcomed to leave a comment to help explain this scientific wonder.

There is a large group of children interested in science experiments - so keep a look out for more on the blog and families feel free to come to kindergarten to share other ideas.


Anonymous said...

We have got out of the habit of putting comments on the blog - but we so enjoyed having a look at the blog tonight and talking about Flynn's kindy day.

It looks as if you had such a fun time with the rocket - and you have all the right words for helping the rocket to blast off. We look forward to seeing more of the fun things you do a kindy this term. The Venmore Family

Anonymous said...

WOW I can imagine that kept everyone entertained for hours:-) How many times did you get the rocket to blast off?? Where did you get the amazing rocket from??? What a great invention...

Room 5 Student said...

This reminds of when I was younger and I made a sand mountain in my sand pit. I made a hole at the top of the sand mountain and filled it with baking soda and vinegar.


Jo said...

What a cool rocket! I'm very pleased to have discovered your Blog, my niece Ella has just started at Manaia and it's neat to be able to see what's happening up there as I live in Auckland and don't see her as much as I would like to. Keep up the great work!
Jo (Jojo to Ella!)