Friday, February 26, 2010

Let it Rain, Let it Rain...

An unusual event occured at Manaia Kindergarten this week. In the middle of mat time the rain began to fall. It began to fall so hard we could hardly hear ourselves talk. This might not seem that unusual... but it hasn't rained at mat time for over four months. AND it is only the second time it has rained at Kindergarten in three months. It was a hot and sticky day. And the best way to explore this unusual event was to enjoy it!!

It has been a magical summer - a hot dry New Zealand summer. After the holidays children compared notes - how many had had to refill their water tanks, who was running out, who was on town water (how lucky are they!). Now we don't have to worry for another few weeks...


Perhaps we need to invest in a rain gauge to measure how much water we have for the month of March. Maybe other Early childhood centres can do the same and we can compare notes. The challenge has been set!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW it must have felt great to cool down a little in the rain and I can see you enjoyed squishing your toes in the mud too!