Friday, February 26, 2010

Discussion on Stars

Many children have been interested in rocket ships, space, planets and stars. This generated some great discussions at mat time as we explored some ideas about space. Stars seemed to be the flavour of the day and children came up with their own theories about stars. We share a little of those with you...

What are stars?
Amy - "You can see stars up above"
Jonathan and Saoirse - "You can sometimes see satrs in the morning"
Morehu - "I can see one at Kindergarten"
TJ - "In Australia I saw stars - they were very pretty"

Stars are made of...
Luca - Clay
Cam - Rocks that fall off the earth
Isla - They grow
Saoirse - They are made of sparkle
Tony - the Sun is made of fire
Isla - the stars are made of light
Amy - They are made of golden
Flynn - rocks painted with glow paint and thrown hard or maybe taken up in a rocket.
Luca - lots of balloons make a wish and let it go into a star.
Stella - a shooting star is a special star
Jayden - When my poppa died he became a star and we can talk to his star.

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Anonymous said...

What amazing theories you have - I love to look at all of the stars at night, especially when we are camping, and look at all the different shapes the stars make. Have you ever seen the pot or the Southern Cross?