Friday, October 23, 2009

wacky wednesday

Pizza Making

It was a great day for Pizza! Tineke, Aylas mum came to help us make Pizza. What a lot of work goes into a Pizza, thanks for preparing the pizza dough Tineke. We had to very carefully toss the dough from hand to hand to make a ball. Next we stretched the dough out to make a base. Beverly knows a lot about making Pzza and she explained to us that we needed to treat the dough gently so that it rises. Once our bases were made we put all of the toppings on. We had to cut and chop lots of vegetables and use the grater for the cheese. It was quite a process! We learned lots of things about making pizza, we had to be patient, take turns, make choices, try our hand at cutting vegetables. We also had lots of healthy toppings to choose from like mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums, cougettes, chives, onions, as well as meat and cheese. This was great as it links with our vegetable garden. We did get to take home some delicious pizza mmmm. Thanks Ayla and Tineke for all of your help.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunflower garden hot houses

As we continue our journey towards learning about all the aspects of gardening we are introducing various ideas for planting.

Today we started out the day by carrying out the task of watering our tomato plants that are growing well and hopefully they will soon be ready to plant out into our outside garden - yum fresh chemical free tomatoes. We then moved onto making our own mini little hot house and planted a sunflower seed. I wonder which seed your child decided to choose?
Was it the one that grows tall like a giant or was it the one that has lots and lots of flowers on it?
Another part of our gardening process is making sure the weeds are kept away - we also need to keep the birds away! with the strawberry plants starting to produce we have hungry birds trying to eat them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

chicken and duck

A chicken hatching a duck might seem a bit unusual and it is. This all started out as an experiment from one of the children's group conversations at mat time and they were convinced that a chicken could not hatch a duck egg. Lots of research went into making this happen. Factors like chicken eggs taking 21 days and duck eggs taking 28 days to incubate (would a chicken sit for long enough to make them hatch?) How would the chicken react to having a very unusual looking baby with such a funny looking beak and huge feet. Well as you can see from the photos all is well. Althought there were a few almost surprised looks on the chickens face when it got a good look at the baby, mother and baby are doing well. They have broken through the communication barrier with the ducking responding to the chickens gutteral 'come and eat now' noises. We will keep you posted and I am sure your children look forward to watching the duck develope into a magnificent Khaki Campbell. Now we just need a name - any suggestions?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pet Day??

What a lot of animals we had at Kindergarten today. Flynn brought in Lucky. Robyn brought in her pet from home.

Ayla brought in some very helpful animals and we created a speical farm house for them. And Beverly's 'best friend' came to join the medley!! Can you tell your families the stories about these animals visits today? Each had their own story. Click on the image for a closer look.

Robyn's pet is doing something very special. She has some eggs underneather her. She is keeping them warm until they hatch. Do you remember what kind of animal will hatch from her eggs? Its a little bit wacky!!

Today one egg had a small crack in the side and when we put our ears up close we could hear a 'peep' sound and a tapping sound. Maybe tomorrow - but definately on our Wacky Wednesday the animals will have hatched. What a party we will have on Wacky Wednesday with our new pets.

Monday, October 12, 2009

ULearn09 Conference

Once again, Tania and Beverly attended the ULearn Conference in Christchurch. We presented the stories of blogging and how Manaia Kindergarten blog has helped to build our community of learners. What an awesome opportunity to share with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary teachers, the incredible skills and expertise of the young children and families in our community. Tania and I networked with many teachers, and heard awesome feedback - teachers encouraged to use ICT and the tool of blogging in their education settings. Our children and community can consider themselves leaders in education.

Here is our Conference experience... Including the conference dinner where much networking took place. Thanks to CORE Education for an inspirational conference.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Teddy Bears Picnic

What an awesome last day of our third term... We celebrated with a teddy bears picnic. We came to kindergarten in our PJs with our teddys under our arms. We learnt to treat our friends favourite bears with respect and share stories about our bears. There were some children who were a bit shy about their bears - so it took courage to open up and share. There was much excitement as we prepared for our picnic. It was great to have such community involvement as we invited our parents along to share in the occassion. Thanks to all the families who contributed food for the party, and for those who came along to hear the stories and share our kai. It was wonderful to finish the term together, with our favourite furry friends.

In the new term we will need to start planning for our next event.