Thursday, July 30, 2009

Room 1 and Room 4 Visit Kindergarten

Parua Bay School classes 1 and 4 came to visit today, we had lots of fun meeting our old friends. The school children practised reading to our children, what great readers they are. After reading they had some fun playing with us. We hope they can visit us again.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cats and dogs

We are so lucky at Manaia Kindergarten because so many children have pets. The visits we have had are - pet rabbits, pet guinea pigs, pet dogs and today a pet cat. Niall brought his new cat Tassi to visit and we were amazed how well she coped with so many Kindergarten children. Niall passed her from friend to friend and she purred.

Since we have had Beverly's dog to visit a coupld of times, we talked about the things that were the same and the things that were different about cats and dogs. At mat time we discovered they both have 4 legs, 2 ears, a tail, eyes, nose and a mouth that is similar. They also both have fur!! So - what are the differences between cats and dogs?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi to All at Manaia

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and survived the storms! Had an AMAZING holiday in Bali - lots of relaxing,swimming, shopping, eating and many adventures. Enjoyed a visit to the Safari Park where we got up close to many different animals and had a ride on an elephant. Had a great time at Waterbom Park on the slides with Joshua and his family. Joshua was SO brave and tried out so many different BIG slides! I even went on the BIG slides! We went on a huge boat out to an Island and saw how they farmed seaweed and went snorkelling and saw heaps of colourful fish. I have put some pictures on the blog for you to see... I am waiting for more to come back so will put some more up soon. Look forward to seeing some of your holiday stories and photos on the blog. Will be out to visit soon.
Love Tania

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Wags adventure

What an awesome day we had at the Whangarei Academy of Gymnastics - WAGS. As always the bus trip there was a highlight - AND - we had plenty of time to stop off at the Whangarei Library on our way. It was great to be there as a big group with our friends and share the books we love. Shelves and shelves of books, and each had their own special story for us to discover. We sat on our own. We sat in big groups. We sat in small groups and read. Then there was a special music time that they always have at the library and we were able to join in for the first few songs. We were impressed at how many songs we knew and could do all the actions to.
Then it was back on the bus and on to WAGS.
WAGS was a big building with a high roof. The mat area was huge. Some of us had been there before and were able to share stories about their experiences.
We started off all on the mat together. We pretended to drive a car/ bike, and we worked on our hoop skills.
After that we split into two groups and tried out the equipment. The hall was full of interesting apparatus. There were monkey bars, trampolines, beams, ropes, vaults, and rings. When we had some idea of how to use the equipment we were able to explore on our own and with our friends. Thanks to the huge number of parents who helped out and supported the children as they explored. This made it really safe for them to try new ways to make their bodies work. It was amazing to find new things for our bodies to move and to test out muscles in our arms and legs, in our backs and stomachs. We also had to learn to be safe to look after our bodies as we explored movement.
We finished on the mat with a bus trip. Yes a bus on the mat. We had to use our imagination as we walked to our seats, turned corners, and screeched to a stop. When the tyre needed changing we had to think about the actions we needed to pretend to fix the wheel, and then to push the bus when it broke down again.
Luckily our bus trip home was not as traumatic. We had a great day learning about movement, exercise and keeping healthy and fit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beverly's new puppy visits Kindergarten

Beverly's new puppy arrived at Kindergarten today. On Friday a picture of Beverly's TradeMe picture of her puppy was projected on the big screen for children and parents to see. There were many discussions about him being the new Manaia Kindergarten Mascot!! After settling in at Beverly's house over the weekend - K came to Kindergarten for a visit.

We learnt about how to be gentle with puppies and how to approach a dog. We learnt about dogs needing to know that the humans are the 'leaders' of the pack - so we were not to follow (chase) him. If K nibbled our fingers we had to find him a chew toy - chewing fingers can lead to biting.

The little puppy loved being around so many children and exploring the Kindergarten. We watched him, we feed him, we played with him and then we even gave him a BATH. We had fun and K really enjoyed the warm water and many hands massaging him.

What a great way to learn about dogs with a little chihuahua poodle pup!