Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Manaia Kindergarten Fashion Show

Our fabulous reliever, Eleanor, has created works of art with the material that has been kindly donated to Manaia Kindergarten over the years. Evening dresses, summer frocks, delicate skirts and skirts to wear out on the town have been designed and fashioned. We are used the opportunity of a fashion show to show case this work. These dress-up dresses and skirts are available for sale, ranging in price from $8 - $15. Eleanor has kindly donated her services as a fundraiser for Manaia.

Below we present the Manaia Models as they walk the cat walk and show off the outfits for you.


Anonymous said...

WOW Eleanor is so talented in her sewing skills and the children of Manaia are so talented with their modelling! Really impressed and wish I had seen the show. So lucky to be able to see you all on the blog - what stars you all are. Love the dress ups - I will have to come and buy some for my nieces for gifts!

Naketa said...

Wow! That is a pretty impressive fashion show. Eleanor you are so talented. However, those models are pretty stunning too. :)
Have a great weekend Manaia Kindergarten Childre :)

Regency Kindergarten said...

That's a good idea, how about we make a contest for traditional clothes fashion show. We love to know your idea, thx