Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cam's Butterfly


Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

Wow Cam, what a fantastic butterfly. I really like the way you painted one half and folded it to make this beautiful butterfly.

It surely is a great butterfly.

The Prossers

Tarnz said...

Very impressed with your butterfly Cam - love the bright colours and the thought you have put into your work. Thanks for thinking to put it on the blog - what a great idea to share your work. Have you taken the painting home yet? Is it hanging on your wall? Great work Cam.

kinder/caring said...

Looks beautiful and very authentic!

Bayview Kindergarten said...

Cam, i think your butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterfly's i have ever seen. YOu are a clever artist. Keep on creating.
Barbara - Bayview Kindergarten

Linda said...

Hi Cam. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and colourful creation on the blog. I liked your idea of folding the painting over because I really like things that are symmetrical.