Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tj's Campervan

A couple of weeks ago, Tj brought his family campervan in to show us. Tj had been talking about how he enjoyed going away in the Campervan for holidays. The children got to look through the campervan which they really enjoyed. Tj told us some things he loves about the campervan:
"It can go far away. I love the bunks. I like to go to Sandspit because there is a big beach and a big,big,big ferry boat. My campervan is big like a truck, it is as big as a truck. Daddy drives the campervan up our big hill first because it is bigger than our Ute."
Wow thanks Tj and your family for sharing your campervan with us.

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Anonymous said...

TJ, you have got so good at telling your stories and it is great to see them on the blog. How lucky you are to go on holidays in the campervan with your family. What a great idea to bring it in to Kindergarten to show all of your friends. I bet lots of them had never been in a campervan before. It would have been very exciting to look around and pretend you were all off on a holiday together. One day I hope I can go in a campervan on a holiday too! Thanks TJ for sharing your stories:-)