Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show Day and KidsExpo

Last weekend was an opportunity for Manaia Kindergarten to be out in the local public eye and showcase the amazing work the children engage in at Kindergarten.

Parua Bay Show Day
What an amazing event our neighbouring school put on. The community rallied around and joined the school on a brilliant sunny Saturday morning. Many of our children were there enjoying art work created by our older school friends, checking out the animals - lambs, sheep, calves as they were walked around the showring. Then we gathered around the Show Day truck and put on a performance to school children, parents, and teachers. Dee worked with the children on the stage to support their dancing.

Kids Expo
What a fabulous event. So many families from around Whangarei joined in to give their children many new experiences. There were bouncy castles, trampolines, bike rides. Inside included an Active Movement center, Tanya Batt story telling, and a creative centre to try new art experiences. There was food to share and displays from all Kindergartens in the Northland Association. It was great to see what other Kindergartens are doing in their curriculum.

The proceeds of this family fundraiser are going to the Samoan Relief effort and will help to re-establish centres of education for Samoan children.


Anonymous said...

It looks as if Manaia kindy did a great presentation, from the photos - well done - and good on the teachers for all there hard work over the weekend. Sorry we didnt make it - we were exhausted from show day. The Venmores

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

What a great performance by everyone. You did a fantastic job and so did Dee helping you all prepare for the show.

Niall we loved watching you singing on stage.

The Prossers.

Doris Hingst said...

What a great idea for a weekend full of fun and sharing! The pictures say it all, the work shows! Kindergarten is where everything is learned and you are making us in America be jealous!
Great presentation!

Doris Hingst
K/teacher's aide in No.GA. U.S.A.

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Hi Doris, Thanks heaps for your encouraging words. Bringing the community together is all good stuff. We have some great kindergarten friends in the USA and enjoy communicating with them through our blog thanks for joining in!