Monday, November 30, 2009

forest floor art exploration

Stella Corkill came up with a brilliant plan for the day. She wanted to turn the Kindergarten into a forest. We had large pieces of paper which we spread across the floor and began the work together. What amazing artwork developed as we talked about trees and animals that live in a forest.



Anonymous said...

Great idea Stella - I thought all the artwork was fantastic! Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Now there is a forest I would love to walk through. Amazing trees, insects and beautifull flowers, the odd aeroplane and much more. A great achievement. I look forward to your next mutual artwork.

Anonymous said...

What a awesome masterpiece you have all created. I love all your different ideas of what should be in the forest and all the great colours you have used. It is going to look awesome displayed at Kindy.

Izaak what a cool tree you have drawn - it is so neat to see you enjoying creating art.

Love Mum x

Anonymous said...

Well done guys. Looking at your forest floor pictures makes me want to go for a walk in the forest or in a garden to pick some flowers. Nice to see you all working so well together. Great work.
Robyn (Cam's mum)

Anonymous said...

What great art work youall did a fantastic job, Manaia Kindy.
Sharlene Murupara Kindy.