Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doing the Monster Mash

What fantastic art work is being created here! Seabren and Dominic got very enthusiastic about making monster pictures. You guys sat at the paint easels for a long time (developing perseverance) creating monster painting after monster painting. Your work is individual each painting is unique. You have chosen a range of themes, scary, octopus, glowing to name a few. You embellished each one with different colours and forms. Your creations are wonderful, you are practising skills in working with forms and colours and learning a lot about art/creativity. Way to go guys lovely work!


Anonymous said...

What great paintings Dominik & Seabren - I love how you have used lots of bright colours to create so many different looking monsters.
I think some of the children looked like your monsters when they did the monster dance at mat time this morning!

Leanne x

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

Wow, what amazing artwork you have both created. I love they way you have used lots of colours for your monster paintings. I really like the octopus too. Great work Seabren and Dominic.

The Prossers

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an artists. You both know so well to seperate the colours. I am really impressed and look forward to Dominik's and Seabren's exposition.

Anonymous said...

we enjoyed the monster mash from Seabren and Dominic a lot, nice colors and very artistic, keep it up!!
Greetings from your family in the USA
Leo & Bibi

Anonymous said...

Seabren and Dominic,
beautiful monsters!! we like the orange ones and the last one very much, but all the others are beautiful too, you are both great painters, we look forward to the following ones.
kisses and a hug,
opa and marjan