Friday, October 23, 2009

wacky wednesday


Anonymous said...

What a fun Wacky Wednesday you guys had at Kindy.
We were so pleased that you got up the courage to put on your wetsuit Izaak - you sure looked wacky with your wetsuit, mask & flippers on. Well done son.

Lots of love Mum & Dad xxx

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

It certainly was a very whacky Wednesday. We think the whackiest of the all was the plant on the toilet. What was even more whackier was that is was still there on Thursday!

I loved being there for part of whacky Wednesday and watching everyone discovering all the whacky changes. Good idea having a whacky Wednesday.

The Prossers.

Anonymous said...

Wacky Wednesday looked like heaps of fun and a great opportunity to discover new things! I would love to hear your favourite parts of wacky wednesday - maybe you can tell me about it when I come to visit - maybe on Wed - will it still be wacky???