Monday, October 12, 2009

ULearn09 Conference

Once again, Tania and Beverly attended the ULearn Conference in Christchurch. We presented the stories of blogging and how Manaia Kindergarten blog has helped to build our community of learners. What an awesome opportunity to share with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary teachers, the incredible skills and expertise of the young children and families in our community. Tania and I networked with many teachers, and heard awesome feedback - teachers encouraged to use ICT and the tool of blogging in their education settings. Our children and community can consider themselves leaders in education.

Here is our Conference experience... Including the conference dinner where much networking took place. Thanks to CORE Education for an inspirational conference.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beverly and Tania and all the children at Manaia.
I attended your breakout at the Ulearn conference and learnt alot from your experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Many thanks
Learning Curves Kinross Street