Friday, October 23, 2009

Pizza Making

It was a great day for Pizza! Tineke, Aylas mum came to help us make Pizza. What a lot of work goes into a Pizza, thanks for preparing the pizza dough Tineke. We had to very carefully toss the dough from hand to hand to make a ball. Next we stretched the dough out to make a base. Beverly knows a lot about making Pzza and she explained to us that we needed to treat the dough gently so that it rises. Once our bases were made we put all of the toppings on. We had to cut and chop lots of vegetables and use the grater for the cheese. It was quite a process! We learned lots of things about making pizza, we had to be patient, take turns, make choices, try our hand at cutting vegetables. We also had lots of healthy toppings to choose from like mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums, cougettes, chives, onions, as well as meat and cheese. This was great as it links with our vegetable garden. We did get to take home some delicious pizza mmmm. Thanks Ayla and Tineke for all of your help.

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Anonymous said...

Kindy sure smelt yummy when I came to pick Izaak up - just like a pizza parlour.
The little bite I was allowed to have of Izaaks pizza was delicious.

Love Leanne