Wednesday, October 21, 2009

chicken and duck

A chicken hatching a duck might seem a bit unusual and it is. This all started out as an experiment from one of the children's group conversations at mat time and they were convinced that a chicken could not hatch a duck egg. Lots of research went into making this happen. Factors like chicken eggs taking 21 days and duck eggs taking 28 days to incubate (would a chicken sit for long enough to make them hatch?) How would the chicken react to having a very unusual looking baby with such a funny looking beak and huge feet. Well as you can see from the photos all is well. Althought there were a few almost surprised looks on the chickens face when it got a good look at the baby, mother and baby are doing well. They have broken through the communication barrier with the ducking responding to the chickens gutteral 'come and eat now' noises. We will keep you posted and I am sure your children look forward to watching the duck develope into a magnificent Khaki Campbell. Now we just need a name - any suggestions?

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Jody Hayes said...

Loved the post - what interesting things you needed to consider. Glad to hear all is going well.