Monday, September 14, 2009

TJ hits Australia

During the month of August, TJ and his family took a holiday to Australia. What an amazing opportunity to have new and different experiences. TJ and his family look like they had a wonderful time and they took heaps of photos. Here is the movie TJ created using many of his photos. Talk about persistance TJ - there were so many photos, of so many wonderful experiences that it took two sittings to create the movie. Check it out and see what an awesome job TJ did creating his movie.


Anonymous said...

WOW TJ you are so brave holding a crocodile and patting a snake! What a great effort making this movie - you sure look like you had a great holiday.
Izaak enjoyed watching your movie too.


Anonymous said...

How lucky you were to go to Australia with your family and experience so many different things. Thank you for sharing your photos and story with us. You have done an excellent job making your movie.

Madeline & Ellinor said...

Wow TJ it looks like you had an awesome time in Australia, you saw lots of things and it looked like you were having fun

Love Maddy & Ellinor