Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skyping our Friends

A few weeks ago we skyped our friend Sari, in her new Kindergarten in Nelson. Click on the page below to see the photos and read the story.

Soon after skyping Sari, we had a skype call from Tania. Tania pops in to visit every now and then between her trips to Auckland as Facilitator for the ECE ICT PL programme. When she can't make it to Manaia, she skypes. The children are maintaining their relationship with her, and chat to her about their plans with ease. Skyping is just the way we talk to our distant friends these days.


Anonymous said...

How funny to see me skyping with you on the kindergarten blog! We were talking about the disco and now I have been to the disco! What a great night we had singing and dancing together. I especially loved the ice cream that Sheelagh, Niall's Mum, made for us!! It is delicious:-) I will skype again soon and hopefully come to the PJ party so I can wear my PJ's to Kindergarten! That will be funny:-)

Anonymous said...

YAH how lucky you were to be able to catch up with Sari and see her new Kindergarten. I will have to get the skype number and try skyping with Sari too! I would love to hear how she is going in Nelson and what new things she is discovering.