Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Gardening can be so much fun. Most of the children have enjoyed getting involved in all the processes that are involved with growing fruit and vegetables. We started by talking about what we needed in our raised boxes, like dirt, compost etc, before we could start planting. In the short time between filling them up and planting our first palnts weeds had decided that they would like to grow in our boxes too!! so out with the weeds and in with the plants. We have started with strawberry plants and have started to raise seeds in egg trays to plant out. We have also just planted some flowers and have been discussing companion planting. We encourage anyone with spare time or magic green fingers to come and work alongside the children. We have many more seeds to plant and lots of room. This is also a fabulous opportunity for the children to grow their own healthy food to eat, I wonder what will be the first plant to produce food? Watch this space we will keep you updated. From the team at Manaia Kindergarten.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
It is so good to see you all out working in our garden. I can't wait to come and visit so you can show me what you have planted. I wonder how long it will take for the strawberries to grow? Will there be enough for everyone to eat? I bet everyone loves strawberries. Don't forget to water your seeds and plants everyday. Do you know what else helps to make the seeds grow?

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

It is great to see so many lots of keen gardeners at Manaia Kindergarten. I am so looking forward to tasting those strawberries. Niall when the strawberries are ready we could make some ice cream to go with the strawberries.

Do you know who else likes strawberries?

Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara.

Amanda and Josh Askew said...

I'm pleased to see you getting so much great gardening knowledge Holly. It will come in handy when we plant those strawberry plants we just brought. I hope we get to eat some before Maddy eats them all!
Love Mum, Dad and Finn