Friday, September 11, 2009

The Drum Band

Today we experimented with creating a movie and music. Cameron and Izaak were keen to play the drums. Cam gave us an amazing beat to work with. We put this track down first and then Izaak came up with his own cool drum beat to add. We also put in a cow bell and cymbals. Leeanne took some photos. Our editing needs a little work but for a first attempt I think we did well. Hope you enjoy our Drum Band.!!


Anonymous said...

You guys rock!
Izaak and his brothers enjoy using the kitchen pots as drums at home.
We look forward to hearing more great sounds from the Manaia Drum Band.

Love Mum & Dad xx

Anonymous said...

Love the beat boys! Great to see you experimenting with music - look forward to hearing more music you compose. Well done Dee for getting the movie up on the blog. You are all learning so many skills together:-)

Anonymous said...

Loved your druming Izaak and Cam.
Well done. Love Nani & Poppa.

Anonymous said...

Great soundtrack Cam & Izaak, and a very good idea, we look forward to hearing more.
The Drum Band Rocks!!!!!!!!!
Sarah & Sari.

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

Great drumming Cam and Izaak. Looking forward to hearing lots more from the Drum Band.

The Prossers