Friday, September 18, 2009

Disco Fever

What an awesome night. It was great for children to experience something different at Kindergarten - Kindergarten at night!! We had a fantastic turnout. Thanks to the wonderful families who pitched in to make this event happen and happen so successfully. Children were able to explore their moves. We had read the book "Hemi Dances" at Kindergarten this morning and talked about the different ways we could dance, or be inspired to dance. The loud music and flashing lights helped everyone get in the mood. Children showed their families, brothers and sisters around the kindergarten. Everyone seemed very much at home. There was awesome kai with home made ice cream. In the end we slowed down the evening with a bedtime story. Many children wanted the night to continue forever! Check out the dance moves in this video clip below.

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Melville Intermediate said...

Some of the students looked so happy in those pictures! It would seem that the Disco was enjoyed by them very much!