Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wombat stew

Holly brought her book of Wombat stew in to us on Wednesday. Today we decided to make our own Wombat stew and to act the story out. We had lots of fun choosing our ingredients and we made some really yucky stews!! Once we had mixed it all up adding lots of water and sand, we tried a re-enactment of the story. Holly was our "very clever dingo" and Isla nad Niall and Wyatt played some of the animals. We had lots of fun and got to practise using expression and remembering lines. We hope you enjoy our video of "Wombat stew".
We have been working lately with storytelling and acting plays out - these are great activities for developing confidence and increasing our range of language. Using this sort of communication for fun events helps us to increase our vocabulary, it stretches our imagination, and stimulates ourcreativity.


Amanda and Josh Askew said...

That was such a cool movie. I love the Wombat Stew book and it is lots of fun to use your imagination and make up the yuckiest stews you can think of. From Holly's Mum

Anonymous said...

How lucky Wombat was that the stew tasted so bad!!! I was very impressed with how good your wombat stew looked - what creations. I would love to see a video clip of you all acting out the wombat stew book so I can hear all your voices and expression. I can't wait to come and visit soon and see you all.

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

Niall looks like you made the yuckiest and most disgusting wombat stew. This is your favourite thing to do, making something that is really really disgusting. I so love that book wombat stew. Have you tried freezing your wombat stew?

Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara.