Sunday, August 2, 2009

A rabbit OR a duck??? What do you think???


bettyl said...

Every time I decide on one, the other one gets my attention!

Breakaway Retreat said...

Niall thinks its a rabbit, because the eyes are in the middle.

Liam thinks its a rabbit, because its white.

Mummy thinks its a duck, because its ears are too big to be a rabbit so it must be the ducks bill.

The Prossers

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Thats hilarious - I saw that on Saturday on Cindy's website and was going to put it up here - someone beat me to it - fantastic. I saw the rabbit!!

Lindsey said...

Do you mind if I copy the video on my site :) ... I came to this post from another blog ..

David said...

:( I can't see it for some reason

David said...

:( I can't see it for some reason

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Hi Lindsey,
No problem to copy video onto your site! Our blog is all about sharing the learning and fun. Enjoy.

Hunter Park said...

Ah ha, I can see it now.
It must be the format (Raw?), since I downloaded picasa 3, I can see the video.
Definitely a rabbit, I think?