Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Ice-Cream

Today Sheelagh offered to make ice-cream with the children. Niall was very excited about this! Thanks Sheelagh for coming and making ice-cream with us. We had been given some duck eggs to use so we tried them out in our ice-cream, we had a talk about those eggs and fortunately Niall knew that they would look the same as other eggs on the inside. We learned all sorts of things about mixing our ingredients, measuring out the right amounts, watching those ingredients transform into something delicious. We also got to practice taking turns, and of course it tested our patience because ice-cream takes a while to freeze, so we are going to eat it tomorrow. Mmmm I am looking forward to tomorrow! Check out our movie.


bettyl said...

I enjoy watching the displays that are posted here.

There was nothing like that when I was a kid!!

Anonymous said...

YUM YUM your ice cream looks delicious! I wish I was coming to Kindergarten tomorrow - ice-cream is my absolute favourite food:-) I can never decide what my favourite flavour is, can you??? What a lot of learning as you made your ice cream at Kindergarten. I wonder if your ice cream will taste good? Make sure you let me know. Maybe I can skype you tomorrow to find out.

Breakaway Retreat said...

I had a great time making the ice-cream today at Kindergarten, it was fun trying out the duck eggs. I've never made ice cream before with duck eggs, i've always used eggs from a hen. Do you think it will taste differently becuase it has duck eggs instead of hen eggs?

I loved the way you all took turns when we were mixing the egg whites and cream. There was lots of great team work.

Now, I forgot to mention today that I won't be there when you serve the ice-cream, so PLEASE leave me a little bit so I can taste the ice-cream made with duck eggs.


Anonymous said...

What awesome mixing skills. Your ice cream sure looks yummy. I wonder if there will be any left when I come to kindy tomorrow - I hope so!
Love Leanne

David said...

The book 'My dad's super' has a great recipe for a rainbow Icecream. It tells the tale of a dad making real fruit icecream.

Kesia said...

Yum!! Ice - cream. Looks like you are pretty professional ice cream makers. Looks yummy!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I was allowed to taste a bit of the ice cream and what nice ice cream it was!
Thanks kids for making that special treat.

Margaret said...

Your icecream looks very yummy, we want to make it too! Could you email your recipe to us please? Did it taste good?
Love from the children and teachers at Greenhithe Kindergarten

Breakaway Retreat Guest House said...

Enjoy this very easy Ice-cream Receipe

3 eggs (or 2)
300ml cream
½ cup sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence or flavour of your choice..


Separate eggs
Mix egg whites until stiff
Add sugar to egg whites and mix in
Mix cream until stiff
Add egg yolks to cream; ensure egg yolks fully mixed in.
Fold in cream mixture to egg whites, make sure whites and cream have fully blended ie all one colour.

Fold in vanilla essence or flavouring of choice.

Freeze in sealed container
Takes 5 hours to freeze.

Yummy Yummy - Enjoy.


Naketa said...

Hi Manaia Kindergarten Children
Thanks for sharing your movie about ice-cream. YUM! I just had a scoop of chocolate flavoured cookies and cream. My favourite flavour which is very new to the market. I will be sharing this post with some teachers tomorrow and just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading and watching this post

Bernadette Rego said...

I love your blog and always feel so inspired by the respect you show for your children in the classroom. The activities you do with them are so creative and engaging!

I've just e-mailed a link to your blog to a group of wonderful teachers that I am sure will be visiting here shortly!