Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucky the Lamb

Lucky the Lamb came with Flynn to visit us at Kindergarten. It was great fun to have Lucky with us this morning we learned a lot about Lucky from you Flynn. Thanks for sharing Lucky with us Flynn.


Anonymous said...

Flynn's sisters so enjoyed seeing what Lucky and Flynn and friends got up to this morning. What great pictures - some great memories. Lucky is looking forward to visiting again, sometime soon. The Venmore's

Anonymous said...

What a cute lamb Flynn.
Izaak and I have just watched Lucky's movie - Izaak is very disappointed that he wasn't at Kindy today to see Lucky - he hopes that you might bring him back to Kindy another day.

Leanne & Izaak

Anonymous said...

Hey Flynn
How exciting that you have a lamb and were able to bring it to Kindergarten to show all of your friends. I just missed seeing your lamb but luckily could see all the pictures on the blog. Your lamb looks like it had lots of fun at Kindergarten and the children certainly enjoyed the visit.
See you soon.