Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cedric makes a movie!!

Cedric took the camera home for the first time and came back to kindergarten with heaps of photos. You really enjoyed creating your movie, Cedric.What an amazing smile when you heard your voice come back through the speakers after recording. What an awesome movie Cedric and what a wonderful place you live in.


Anonymous said...

Kia ora Cedric
We really enjoyed seeing your movie.
From Naketa and facilitators from the Te Marautanga o Aotearoa team

Anonymous said...

Kia Ora Cedric,
How lucky to be able to spend so much time playing on the beach Cedric, I really liked listening to you as you described your photos and what was happening. I wonder if you will take Poi or Ekko home for a visit soon and make another movie with them.
Ka Kite

Anonymous said...

What a cool movie Cedric. You are so lucky to live at Pataua - it is one of my favourite beaches

From Leanne