Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Volcanoes with Kevin

Its great to have parents getting involved and playing at Kindergarten. Our children learn so much from new interests and new ways of doing things, that we really encourage our whanau to take part. Dare I say, the children loved having a Man around today. Kevin brought a new energy to the sandpit and the children pushed themselves to build the biggest volcano. And when the building was complete - it was time to blow it up - with a stack of baking soda, red dye, and vinegar!!


Anonymous said...

Hey nice work guys. What a huge volcano! Lots of hard work with the spades. Cam you must have worked up a sweat because you had to take your jumper off. I'm sure I saw the eruption from our house. Excellent work.
From Cam's Mum and Dad

Jody Hayes said...

Love your work. I regularly read your blog ... keep up the great sharing!

Anonymous said...

Izaak thanks for sharing the sandpit and your friends with me - it was cool fun. Playing with you all at Kindy sure beats going to work!

Love Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Izaak I loved watching you and Dad on the Kindy Blog - you guys sure look like you had a great time. That is one of the biggest volcanoes I have ever seen in the Kindy sandpit. What great teamwork.

Love Mum xox

Breakaway Retreat said...

Thank you Izaak for bringing your Dad to kindergarten. Niall had a great time with you both building that enormous volcanoe, especially when you were all digging.

Hunter Park said...

We love it when parents get involved at Hunter Park, you guys bring so many skills and interests that just add so much richness, we as teachers could never match on our own.
Well done getting your family to share their talents with your friends Izaak and boy did you all look like you had fun.
David at Hunter Park Kindergarten