Monday, June 8, 2009

The Massive Mount Manaia Volcano

Yet another busy day of working at Kindergarten. A group of children wanted to make the BIGGEST volcano ever at Kindergarten and today I think they succeeded. As they worked other children came to lend a hand and very soon it was a big team sharing ideas and skills as they constructed the volcano.... Check out the photos


Anonymous said...

What an enormous volcano you all built. I bet it was great fun! I think there must have been great team work to make such a huge mountain. Arent sandpits great places? Look forward to seeing more of the great things you do at kindy. From Flynn's Mum

Breakaway Retreat said...

That was massive volcano you all made. I was very luckly to see it in action and I was very very impressed had huge it was. Great team work guys.

Niall looks like you were having great fun building the river around the volocano. Great to see you working with your friends and having fun too.

Sheelagh, Mark, Liam and Ceara.

Ruth said...

WOW what a gigantic volcano you made! looks like you had great fun with all your friends making the volcano well done
Aunty Ruth

Mark McDonagh said...

Wow Niall,
it looks like you and your buddies are having a great time !! The Volcano looks brilliant;

Uncle Mark