Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flynn's Butterfly

A few weeks ago, Flynn wanted to know if we would like one of his chrysalises for the Kindergarten. We thought that was a great idea - but it was quite late in the season. Flynn was not perturbed. He brought in his chrysalis and it sat on the kitchen bench for one week, then another week, then another.... One day we noticed it had changed slightly. A few days later we noticed it getting darker in colour. That was a good sign - but still it was taking a long time and the weather was getting very cold. It was last Friday, when we arrived at Kindergarten that we noticed there was no longer a bulging chrysalis on the stalk that Flynn brought in - but sitting beside the empty shell - was a beautiful Butterfly.

When Flynn had his photo taken with his butterfly he asked if it could go on the blog so his sisters could see. Hope you enjoy showing your family Flynn - your butterfly was very tough to brave the cold and come out of his chrysalis!


Anonymous said...

We all wish we had been able to see the butterfly hatch. Mummy didnt think it would - but it did. From Mia and Abbey

Hunter Park said...

Two monarch butterflies came to visit our Kindergarten in Waipukurau today Flynn. One was very cold, covered n frost, Isobel found it in the carpark. She held it in her hands and slowly the warmth from her hands brought it back to life. Later we sang butterfly songs and called down a kahukowhai and a kahukura from the sky. I wonder if one of the two kahukura was your one? Do you guys sing butterfly songs too?
David at Hunter Park Kindergarten