Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day at the Salon

We had special visitors at Kindergarten who brought elegance, grace and heaps of fun to the programme. Kesia and Kristian opened a salon at Kindergarten. We wrote our own names down on the appointment list. We could choose to have our hair remodeled, nails painted, hair sprayed, faces painted - the list went on. What amazingly wonderful creations we became as the day at the salon spread throughout the kindergarten. There were many chances to discuss with our peers our ideas and share new looks. Thank you Kesia and Kristian. You helped us take up the challenge to try something different, to be creative, and to trust that others would respect our ideas. Check it out...


Hunter Park said...

Awesome new looks. :)your Salon does so much more than I imagined when I thought of salon.

Anonymous said...

What a cool day you guys seem to have had a kindy. I loved the face painting and the way you all had to write your names on the list to have your appt. What great writing!! I look forward to seeing more on the blog. Flynn's mum, Sarah.