Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate - melting moments

Yesterday Sari brought a chocolate in her lunch box. Sari and her Mum had made their own chocolates at home. We made a plan for Sari to teach us how to make chocolates at Kindergarten and today she brought in her chocolate molds. We bought some chocolate buttons. Sari suggested we melt the chocolate in a bowl above boiling water. We filled the electric frying pan with boiling water and rested a bowl in the water. We could not let the water touch the chocolate. When we did do this - the chocolate seized, went hard and couldn't be melted again. The chocolate had to melt slowly. We had brown milk chocolate and white chocolate. it was a slow process that helped you learn patience as you waited for your turn.You had to work carefully to scoop the melted chocolate into the mold. Sometimes you needed to use another spoon to scoop the chocolate off the first spoon. This tested your co-ordination and was tricky. We had molds in the shape of animals, in the shape of bears and in hexigons with flowers. By the time we had finished we had plenty of chocolate for everyone.
It was great to watch the chocolate melt. We had to use the brown chocolate fast because as it cooled it became hard and had to be re-melted. After all the molds were full we put them into the fridge to set. This took about 15-20miniutes. What yummy chocolates they were. They are a great treat to have sometimes and we were especially lucky to have Sari and her Mum, Sarah, help us make so many chocolates to share.


Anonymous said...

How clever you all are and I loved to look at your concentration while making the chocolates!

Breakaway Retreat said...

Yummy Yummy chocolates!

Niall I was really impressed how you were thinking about your brother when the chocolates were being handed out. You asked so nicely could you have one for your brother. One the way home from kindy you showed me the chocolate you got for your brother. I knew that chocolate would be too tempting to wait until 3:00 when Liam got home from school. So just like the fox and gingerbread man you gobbled up Liam's chocolate as fast as you could before we even got home. I think we are going to have to make some chocolates at home to share with Liam and Daddy.

Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara.

Teachers from Kids Domain said...

Hi Manaia Kindergraten, we watched your chocolate making and enjoyed the whole process. We also learnt a new way to make chocolates and will surely try it out.

Anonymous said...

Sarah also liked making chocolates when she was a kindy kid, and eating them too!
Sarah's Mum