Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beverly's new puppy visits Kindergarten

Beverly's new puppy arrived at Kindergarten today. On Friday a picture of Beverly's TradeMe picture of her puppy was projected on the big screen for children and parents to see. There were many discussions about him being the new Manaia Kindergarten Mascot!! After settling in at Beverly's house over the weekend - K came to Kindergarten for a visit.

We learnt about how to be gentle with puppies and how to approach a dog. We learnt about dogs needing to know that the humans are the 'leaders' of the pack - so we were not to follow (chase) him. If K nibbled our fingers we had to find him a chew toy - chewing fingers can lead to biting.

The little puppy loved being around so many children and exploring the Kindergarten. We watched him, we feed him, we played with him and then we even gave him a BATH. We had fun and K really enjoyed the warm water and many hands massaging him.

What a great way to learn about dogs with a little chihuahua poodle pup!


Anonymous said...

Kathryn thinks this is a ball of fluff!

Cherie Capey said...

Just so cute - the kids would have had a real treat having him at kindy for the day.
He will be really looking forward to having you home for school holidays for lots of cuddlies.

Cory misses you all lots...

Breakaway Retreat said...

So so chute. Niall I think we are going to have to talk Daddy into getting us a little doggie too!

What a great opportunity you all had to learn about dogs and how to care for them.


Anonymous said...

Very cute Beverly - K is most welcome to share the office with me anytime!!!
Izaak told Kevin & the boys all about Beverly's cute SMALL puppy - Jacob & Aiden can't wait to meet him.


PS Has K got his own Blog yet?

wiseowl said...

Hi Guys, love you site and the workshop you presented at the conference. You have inspired us to start our own blog for Wise Owl early learning center. . Its early days yet but we are working on the site.

Kesia said...

He is so so CUTE!!!!!!! Ever since mum and I have come to your house I have been trying to convince her to buy me one!!!!!!!!!